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How to Network


14 Jan How to Network

For many in PR, marketing, communications or the corporate sector, it is vital to build your network and meet others in your industry. Networking benefits your career and can provide opportunities that you hadn’t thought possible. For many, networking comes easily, whilst for others, it can be a daunting experience. For those who aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to networking, we hope these tips will provide you with practical advice on how to network!

Research: The best place to start is by researching what networking events are available. Ask your colleagues, read industry news or Google ‘networking events in Sydney’ (or your preferred city) to find events. Look into each event and see what format they use. Some events require you to speak about yourself in front of an audience, others rely on you to approach guests and make conversation. Decide which format you are more comfortable with. You can also email the event organiser to gain a better understanding of what to expect.
LinkedIn: Your personal profile plays a key part in networking. There are some small but effective ways to build your profile and this starts with your LinkedIn profile. Using a professional image, including relevant key words in your headline, and describing in detail your employment and education history, can assist in expanding your network.
First impressions: It’s true: First impressions count! Try to create a strong and positive first impression by dressing appropriately for the occasion. Whether you work in a corporate office or a creative agency, a clean and tidy appearance is important.
Conversation: To capture, and hold, someone’s interest you must have something interesting to say or be interested in them. Ask questions, express an opinion and most importantly be a good listener. Prepare in advance by preparing a succinct verbal summary of yourself and your expertise, and take an interest in the topics and issues that are important to the audience attending the event.
Networking etiquette: When approaching people at networking events, it is essential to note that business hierarchies do exist and asking for someone’s business card who is in a position ‘above’ you is a big no-no! If you’re unsure whether it is appropriate to ask for another person’s business card, why not consider offering them yours.
Build the relationship: The most important part of networking is building long lasting relationships and strengthening your contacts. Once you have met someone, briefly follow them up. Sending a quick email, LinkedIn message or even organising a coffee catch up can make all the difference.
Our tip: It can be difficult to approach someone you don’t know so consider taking a ‘wingman’ to help you feel at ease when introducing yourself to people.
*Some of the information in this blog has been taken from the post “Networking in the New Age” posted by Networx Events Sydney. For more information visit: