Double Edge PR | Internships – to what extent do they prepare you for the real world?
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Internships – to what extent do they prepare you for the real world?


02 Apr Internships – to what extent do they prepare you for the real world?

You’ve been studying for three years now and it may not have occurred to you that in a year you will be graduating and heading into the world of professional work. It’s a time that can often be overwhelming for some people, especially when thinking about the future and where you want to be.

For many, building your resume and gaining experience will be the biggest focus, as you move from university student into career professional. So what is the best way to gain experience? Internships of course!

This guide outlines a few tips on where you can get an internship, what to expect and the benefits of work experience.


Industry sites are the best place to find internships, as many have a careers section. Here are a few of the most popular:

Pedestrian TV Look for internships across the areas of music, communications, media, digital, fashion and entertainment.

Mumbrella Internships are regularly advertised across marketing, PR, advertising and HR.

Seek Not just for paid jobs, you can also find companies looking for interns in any industry.

University websites/noticeboards A common place to find internships in your field of study is through your uni. You can sign up to emails, check the noticeboard or the careers section on your universities website.

Direct contact If you have one agency, company or brand in mind that you are particularly passionate about, then why not get in contact with them yourself! Sending an email with an expression of interest and a brief backgroundercan often land you an internship. It’s also best to include the dates you are available to start, what day’s you prefer and the length of time you would like to intern for.


You’ve found an internship and are excited to get on board. You’ve met with the director who has told you all about the company and set a start date. Now what to expect? Internships can be made to sound exciting, which they can be, but one thing that you must realise is that you may be expected to do minor tasks. Tasks can include assisting with office administration, updating internal information and databases, sending out emails, assistance at off-site events and listening in on team meetings.

Most companies won’t allow interns to perform a task that is beyond their capability or experience. Whilst you may be eager to take on more significant tasks, this is all part of the experience. Many employers will appreciate interns who are willing to complete a job, no matter how trivial it may seem.


Demonstrated willingness to learn and the ability to commit to an internship is a noteworthy reason to hire an undergraduate. There is no doubt that internships are the best thing you can do for your future career and are highly regarded by prospective employers. Another exciting prospect is being hired by the company you interned at.

Not only does work experience build up your resume and broaden job opportunities, it also offers the chance to meet people in your industry and build relationships that will become vital to your career.

Internships are valuable so always remember to show your true potential andreadiness to learn. Good luck!