Double Edge PR | Networx – Marketing Trends: Meet the game changers
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Networx – Marketing Trends: Meet the game changers


30 Nov Networx – Marketing Trends: Meet the game changers

‘Meet the game changers’ was the topic of our final Networx in 2015, and it provided a chance to review the year and be inspired for the year ahead.

The Networx panel featured award winning practitioners and savvy marketers, who delivered key insights into trends (past, present and future). It was also a great end of year networking opportunity for marketers keen to connect and embrace the festive season,

The panel – who included Digital Arts Network’s Russ Tucker, One Green Bean’s Claire Salvetti and Twitter’s Felicity Hunt – kicked off the night by discussing trends and highlights in 2015.



Twitter’s Felicity Hunter said the mobile device is now the first screen and TV is second which must be factored in by marketers. Sport was one of the biggest categories trending on Twitter in 2015, with Aussies getting involved in the banter and joining in on the conversation. Her standout campaigns of the year were those that utilised sport such as Commbank leveraging cricket and the ‘slap on some zinc and take a selfie’ campaign.

DAN’s Russ Tucker said the most successful campaigns are now tapping into social and cultural issues e.g. McDonald’s and Burger King with the ‘equality burger’. Campaigns do well that create an immersive experience such as the memorable ANZ GAYTMS and the Airbnb float in the Mardi Gras, which grabbed people’s attention.

One of the standout campaigns of the year for OGB’s Claire Salvetti was video for Volvo, where cyclists around London used body paint that shows up at night to prevent accidents on the roads. Ideas that have purpose and invite a solution to a social issue works the best.



The discussion moved onto trends to watch in 2016, which sparked some exciting ideas. DAN’s Russ Tucker believes it’s important to have an insight into what’s trending as this is where the great ideas stem from. For example, when Ariana Grande got caught licking a doughnut, it inspired Krispy Kreme to create a doughnut licking App. Twitter’s Felicity Hunt added that you need to tune into what people are talking about and have planned moments but also leave room for the unpredictable moments.

DAN’s Russ Tucker shared the importance of disruption and looking at what your competitors are doing and getting to your goal without copying them. He believes you need to find your brand’s purpose and ensure those messages are culturally relevant.

OGB’s Claire Salvetti added that content is an asset that’s always been important but it’s about working out what the story is and telling it in your own way. She said PR professionals are fortunate to understand what constitutes ‘newsworthiness’ and the power of creating ‘thumb stopping moments’.

Transparency, good storytelling, authenticity and newsworthiness were cited as key elements to embrace in campaigns in the year ahead. OGB’s Claire Salvetti encouraged brands to be genuine and behave like humans

Twitter’s Felicity Hunt added that it’s important to adopt a consistent voice and to understand that adds value to a story. Stick to one tone and message to create trustworthiness in social media, she added.



There have been some big changes in the industry and to conclude the discussion the panel provided an insight into tomorrow’s consumer. For DAN’s Russ Tucker it’s about making sure you’re doing something ‘brave’ – anything that scares you is usually a good thing. Embrace the unknown and be interesting and potentially controversial. Uncomfortable ideas are the ones that cause a reaction and make people feel the need to leave a comment.

Twitter’s Felicity Hunt believes having faith in the people you’re targeting and having a message or purpose is most effective. She also thinks that humour is something that always works.

Claire Salvetti’s final note was, “Netflix and chill”.

Thanks to all who joined Networx this year, happy 2015 and we’ll see you in the new year.