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Networx: The Power of Blogs


24 Apr Networx: The Power of Blogs

Thanks to everyone who attended our “Power of Blogs” event this week! It was a great discussion on blogs and blogging, with plenty of networking opportunities as well.

It was great to hear Valerie Khoo on how she started blogging as her ‘cat’, and how Christina Butcher didn’t put her face to her blog for ages and now has three blogs- Hair Romance, Nail Romance and Mr and Mrs Romance.
Christina emphasised the importance of consistency, as she wrote 30 hair styles in 30 days which gave her repeat traffic. Also, ask yourself if you would want to read your blog and give people a reason to follow you? Christina uses Pinterest and Instagram to share images and engage people on a personal level.
David Krupp explained his role as country manager at Nuffnang blogger agency and how he measures a blogs success. According to David 89% of readers of a blog have gone out and purchased something off a blog. Also, David revealed how he and his team maintain the integrity of sponsored posts by only permitting clients to change facts, nothing else.
Some more great advice came from Valerie Khoo when she reminded our networkers to think of being clear in what you are pitching. Also, Valerie emphasised the importance of understanding the readership of blogs as she has found a lot of company blogs are copies of their press release.
Lastly, our panel shared some great tips such as considering blogging conferences to network, spreading the word via social media, and the importance of a strong and attractive blog.
A big thank you to our speakers for sharing their expertise and thank you to our guests for attending. We look forward to seeing you at the next event in May.